My Field Experience At Morris Elementary School Essay examples

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During this semester I have the opportunity to do my field experience at Morris Elementary School. Morris Elementary believes that all children will be college or career ready after graduating. Also according to the “No Child Left Behind Act”, they provide a safe and nurturing environment where every child can learn and grow, there are highly qualified teacher preparing children for the future. Every classroom is very cultural diverse which allows students to develop a better understanding of most cultures. I am currently working with one of the first grade classrooms, during the past few weeks I have learned more that I could have ever learned in a regular college classroom. I will be using pseudonyms to respect the rules of confidentiality regarding the students and teachers.
Every student is different and has different learning strategies, but my teacher helped me find the right study buddy for me to tutor and help during this semester. My study buddy is Alaiah; she is a 7 years old girl in first grade. According to my co-teacher she was enrolled in Madison Elementary last year, but transfer to Huntsville City Schools so that she could start in first grade and not being retained in kindergarten. Based on different tests and scores she is not ready for first grade and will not be ready for second grade next year. The school principal, counselors, and teachers have met with her parents and discussed the issues but they are against retaining her. This just makes it hard for…

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