Essay on My Favorite Place At Restaurants

1499 Words May 6th, 2015 null Page
One of the things I like to do most is to eat out at restaurants, and of all the restaurants I have eaten at so far I have five restaurants that I would consider my favorite places to go. First we have lee’s famous recipe chicken which is a chicken chain in southern state. Next is Spangles which is a Wichita based burger restaurant. The next burger restaurant is Burger Street which is only located in Tulsa and Dallas. Lastly is Subs and Heroes a family owned business in Tulsa that specializes in subs. I will have four criteria that determine my ranking of the five restaurants which are Quality, service, price, and ambience. Each criteria will be weighted differently quality will be weighted the most at 50%, because if it doesn’t taste good why would I eat there. Next will be price at 20%, because it can taste great but if really expensive for a small portion it’s not worth it for me. The third will be Service which is 15%, because if you don’t have good customer service why come back. Lastly is Ambience which is 15%, because the food can taste great but if it smells and is dirty I would think twice before eating there. Spangles is a restaurant located in Wichita that serves burgers and ice cream. Before moving to Wichita I had never heard of spangle, but since moving to Wichita it has become one of my more favorite restaurants to eat at. Spangles in Wichita is like a McDonalds, But I little pricier and the quality is better. When I first moved to Wichita I tried spangles…

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