My Father 's First Family Essay

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My childhood is filled with good memories, birthday parties, family dinners and abundance of things,

food and stories. But on the other end of the spectrum, is sadness, avoidance, and a lack of love.

Looking back I see that my parents did the best they could. I also see how my mother’s childhood

influenced the way she raised us. I see how the loss of my father’s first family caused him to be

somewhat distant.

As a teenager, I was moody, didn’t like affection and had an almost ‘victim’ like take on life. The

moodiness was masked depression which caused the avoidance of a lot of things, mainly school. At this

point in my life I was living with my dad and try as he might, he couldn’t get me to go to school, so I

didn’t. I ditched so much my freshman year I had to re-take it. I made an attempt at an alternative

school, but found it no different.

The desire to go back to school didn’t become a nagging feeling until I gave my life to God in 2008. And

from winter of 2008 until March of this year there was always a reason not to go. I think that’s because I

wasn’t living my life for God. My life was like the parable of the mustard seed, my faith wasn’t rooted so

it blew away in the wind. In those 8 years there were so many lessons. Years of partying, a failed

engagement, a disastrous rebound relationship and full out battles with my family, especially with my

mom. Loosing friendships and quitting jobs. As I put pen to…

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