How Daddy Changed My Life

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My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person, he believe in me and never gave up on me. My father saves the memories of my success and failure, and swallows the key to my heart. Daddy helped me make the most important and beneficial decisions so far in my life by being supportive, sharing his experience, and being a wonderful listener. Through my challenging obstacles and confusion between “A” and “B”. George never disappoints me. I remember my first year of high school, I knew I needed to develop a plan for college and my career. Daddy haven’t attend college, but by his surroundings and coworkers he tends to know way more than I did. He made sure I apply to something I’d love and enjoy to do. Reading and social activities …show more content…
For any situation, I struggled with he had a story behind it. It never bothered me, I actually enjoyed them. It’s nice to learn about family culture, especially if visitation limits. I remember the time I couldn’t cook daddy always shared the story when he was 8 years old. When my father was about 8 or 10 years old, my hardworking grandfather would leave early in the morning for work. So my father had no choice, but to start dinner and drop my uncle to school. Daddy said he walked miles just to drop my uncle to school and walk to his school, after school, he’ll rush home to finish dinner before my grandfather came home from work. I’ve listened to this story repeatedly, it’s locked in my memories forever. Many other stories involved with relationships, life lessons, and his opinions based on what he witnessed and struggled with. My father changed my perspective on how life really is. I couldn’t understand the reason my life seems dysfunctional, or the depressive thoughts. My father honesty carried me a long …show more content…
My father protects me through thick and thin just by listening. Listening to my problems and opinion without judging me results to our unbreakable bond. Our bond results to opening up to him. After I graduate from high school, I had a nervous breakdown. I was unsure about being on my own, but when I sat my father down and shared my thoughts he listened. My father understood my worries, so he lead out options about attending a community college first then transfer to a university. I felt relieved, but my father proved that he’ll never forsake me. Regardless of the situation to vent to someone who’s willing to listen and share their honest thought could leave the greatest impact in your life. Whenever I express my problems with classes I’m struggling in he’ll tell me, “it’s okay to fail if you know you did your best, but it’s not okay if you don’t try your best”. It didn’t make sense to me until I deeply thought about it. I appreciate everything daddy have done, because I accomplished many obstacles in high school along with the help of my

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