My Father Research Paper

My father, Bob Kron, is one of the most insightful, caring, not to mention back breaking hilarious people that I know. I look up to him tremendously and I know that everything he does, he does for a reason. When the opportunity arose to write a paper for my lifespan psychology class, I knew that my dad would love to share his thoughts, views, and wisdom with me. He enlightened me with information ranging from his childhood to his hopes for the future. When I completed my interview process, I realized thoroughly how a human’s life experiences relate to the theories and ideas of psychology. At a young age my dad experienced two crucial losses that shaped into who is today and instilled many important values. On the way to elementary school conferences, my dad’s brother Eddie was hit by a drunk driver. This …show more content…
I enquired my father if he ever felt this in his life, and he disclosed that he has been on the positive and the negative side of the social clock. He explained in his career, he accelerated quickly. He saw being ahead of the social clock in his professional life motivating and he wanted to keep moving forward. In my dad’s personal life he felt behind. He did not marry my mom until he was 32, so in the personal aspect he wanted the clock to slow down. Now that my dad is 52, I asked him about the “Age 50 Transition” as Levinson discussed in his theory. My dad was very honest with me and said, “I do math in my head all of the time. Each year counts more and more and this thing ain’t gonna last forever.” My dad recently made a job transition because his old job was asking him to make unethical decisions at work which he was not comfortable with. He found a new job and admitted that switching jobs recreated positivity in his life because “I lost control of my life at my last job.” My dad has not experienced a “mid-life crisis” is at an excellent place in life

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