My Father Has Made The Biggest Impact On My Life Essay

1020 Words Nov 22nd, 2015 null Page
During high school, my friend Ave got kicked out of her house, and her parents disowned her. She would sleep at a different friend’s house every night until one of the teachers at our school decided to care for her, and adopt her. The teacher, Mrs. Carpenter, would provide her with food and a place to stay. Till this day Ave considers Mrs. Carpenter a mother figure. It does not matter if we are blood related, the same race, or even is we do not have the same parents it is still considered family. Family For me, my family has grown and decreased over the years, but one thing has always stayed the same. My father has made the biggest impact on my life. Through the good times and the bad time my father has always been there. My father was not one of those ones that let their children do whatever they wanted. My father’s parenting style is in between authoritarian and authoritative. Authoritarian is a parenting style where children experience high levels of social control and low levels of emotional support. Authoritative is a parenting style where the parents listen to their children’s input while consistently enforcing the preset rules. Since I grew up in a bad neighborhood I was not allowed to hang out with certain people, or even allowed to do certain things. My father kept me focused on school, and sports. At the same time my father and I had serious conversations about things in our lives, and I gave suggestions, my own views, and ideas on. I quickly learned my family’s…

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