Essay about My Father From Communism And Experience A Free Life

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“Always work as hard as you can, the more work you put out the more you earn” These are the words my parents always tell me since I was a young boy. My father was born in Romania which at the time was ruled by a communist government. Growing up in a Communist nation my dad 's family wasn’t allowed to have much, no matter how hard they work they got paid the same money as everyone else, food was limited, and you didn’t have access to information outside of the country.. My grandma would send my dad to the store two hours before it open just to get a gallon of milk even then there might be a long line of people waiting just to get the food that was available. My father came to the United States to escape from communism and experience a free life. My mother was born and raised here in houston. She lived in a poor family where she wasn’t able to have much. She lived in a small house growing up, was a high school drop out but always manage to have a job to help provide for herself. Both of my parents strongly believe in the Christian religion, my family believe if you stay faithful in the christian religion we will be rewarded with a good life. Together my parents are always working hard so they are able to have enough money, food, entertainment for the family, and staying faithful in the christian religion. In my household, my family tries to follows a Pentecostal Christian lifestyle. We have bible study in the afternoons, we dressed modest, attend church a church called Faith…

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