My Father As My Giant

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A giant isn’t just someone that’s been there to provide for you, but a person that has been through a lot but was still able to manage success for them and others. My father is a proven giant of mine based on the theme of the research paper. I consider my father as my giant because what he went through growing up in the inner-city around gang violence, and the ability to move to a better neighborhood to take care of his family when the poverty and unemployment percentage rate was at an increase in the United States demonstrates the adversity he overcame. What my father overcame impacted me in many unique ways and that’s why I describe him as my personal giant.
Adversity is a hard situation to get through and not many can overcome the task.
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The murder rate in Kansas City was at a high of 153 killings in the years 1992 to 1993 around the time my giant was about to graduate high school. When murder rates are that high it is very difficult to concentrate on what 's really important because you have to think about being safe. “There was sometimes when gang violence found me”(Father). Safety was at a lack, my giant didn’t always feel safe going to and from school because of the amount of killings there were involving gang violence. But he knew if he wanted to be successful he would have to get through …show more content…
My giant was born in the mid 70’s when Kansas City wasn’t as bad and parents were more strict, but the kids were also more responsible. My giants mother which is my grandma was able to trust my giant with going out and getting groceries and not having to worry about him getting anything not on the list. This goes to show that my giant was raised to be responsible and doing what he was told which was developing him into a good giant. In most inner-cities parents wouldn’t want their nine year old kid to go to the grocery store for them not only because they wouldn 't be responsible to get what they were asked, but also because it wasn 't safe but that wasn’t a problem for my giant at the time. Because he was raised to respect orders and also safety wasn’t a problem in those

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