Essay on My Family, My Sister, And My Dad

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My family contains my mom, my sister, and my dog. Most of my family members live close to my family. We are close to each other. We would make food for my family to come and celebrate the holidays. My family is religious because my grandma showed my aunts and my mom that it is important to go to church and for their kids to get baptized and do their first communion. Where I grew up, our neighborhood was always quiet, calming, and had polite neighbors. Mostly everyone in our neighborhood knows each other. For example, if something happens to our neighbors, we would be informed by the next day. Most of the population in my neighborhood is Hispanic/Mexican. My neighborhood makes sure that we all unite and bring food when we make block parties for the holidays. There is a person in charge that collects signatures from our block in order for a block party to happen. I grew up as a catholic and going to church every Sunday. My mom made sure that I was baptized, did my first communion, and my confirmation. These things for our family are important because it shows that we are involved in church. This influence the way I relate to other people because people know that my family and I go to church and are seen as good persons. People know us and talk to us if we can help out with an event at church or participate. I can relate to other people because the way that my mom showed me between right and wrong. Our family’s culture is to celebrate with all our family members, celebrate the…

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