My Family : My Life Essay example

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There are numerous people who have shaped me into who I am today. My family plays a significant chunk in my life, and I do not take them for granted. Every moment I spend with them, I cherish. They have impacted my life in the uttermost positive way. Not only family, but friends have helped me throughout my life too. I couldn’t be more thankful for all of them. My father fills my life with loads of joy; from him, I draw my sense of humor and love for music. If my dad did not raise me, I would have lived a dull life. He shows me the way to music, and how music guides through the toughest of times. He gets me to share the passion of guitar with him. As a young girl, my father played “Twist and Shout” by The Beatles on guitar; I danced all around around the living room until I collapsed. Now every time I listen to it, it brings me joy. I have also gathered the trait of goofiness from my father. My dad has not a normal bone in his body. He 's not the normal weird type of dad; normal weird dads embarrass their kids in public or in front of friends. My dad brags to everyone about how he goes to Zumba class, and then how he has a passion for karaoke. I don’t believe that much weirdness got thrown my way, but I have a quite exceptional amount of it. When I get comfortable with someone, my weird side comes out thanks to my father. I like being weird frequently, it 's uninteresting to be normal all the time. I love my father for his goofiness, even if it embarrasses me. He is such a…

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