My Family : German And Swedish Descent Essays

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I have always been told that my family is of German and Swedish descent. I have never questioned this because there are many characteristics of my family that prove this statement true. Physical characteristics are one obvious way to see who my descendents are. If physical characteristics is not enough proof there are also other ways like looking at my family 's last name and my mom 's maiden name, both big give aways.
According to “House of”, my last name “Ausmus” in Greek translation is “erasmos” meaning “loved”. It also states that the last name “Ausmus” comes from Germany. My mother 's maiden name is “Hainline” which is also from Germany. This reaffirms to me what my parents have always told me which is that we are of German descent. Some common traits of Germans are that they are disciplined, hard- working and well- organized. All of those characteristics greatly apply to my family especially hard- working. My family is big with always working your hardest and doing everything you can to the best of your ability.
Second of all, I have always been told that we are part Swedish. This can is most prominently seen in my family 's physical characteristics. My entire family except my mom is really tall. Me and my sisters get this from my dad 's side of the family so this could also mean that my dad 's heritage is dominantly Swedish. Swedish decent can also be seen in the fact that my entire family is fair skinned with blonde hair and blue eyes. It is widely…

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