My Family At The End Of The House Essays

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“It was the little room, the one at the end of the house. I was going turn it into a sewing room, but it was so far away from my kitchen. For papa it was the garage. You know he was one mechanic, need plenty space. The area was big enough for us raise our six kids” (Mary Ann Feiteira, interview), says Mary Ann Feiteira. She is my great grandmother, “Gramz”, wife to my later great grandfather or “Papa”, and owner of our family home on 370 Makawao Ave. “All I wanted to raise my kids and that 's enough. I wanted to do it as simply as possible” (Mary Ann, interview). The area was indeed big enough to raise their six kids, and their six kids kids, and their kids kids kids. She answered my questions patiently. My questions slowly lead up to her relationship with my recently deceased great grandfather. So she told me their story, “Our families knew each other longtime. We was raised the same. Dats the best kind to marry, the kind you grew up the same. We met because your gramma. She got to know your grandpa, she called him “Dear John” because his girlfriend left him and wrote him a letter, just like in Dear John you know? We started out after he was the best man for Joe and Sissy when they got married. I was a bridesmaid. When I said i 'm going out with papa she said, ’No that 's my friend not yours’. After a long time we got married in February and in March he adopted Evie (my grandma)” (Mary Ann, interview). Then they bought a beautiful five bedroom, two bathroom house that grew…

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