Mr Askins Character Analysis

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Mr. Askins was born in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. His mother is from Utah, Alabama, and when she was about give birth she went home to her mother. He was born in 1941 and returned to his hometown of Huntsville, Alabama as a newborn.
Parents Meeting
His father was born in Fayetteville, Tennessee. His mother was teaching during the depression in Huntsville. Huntsville is where is parents met and it is where his parents stayed. Mr. Askins’ father owned a small store and he later got into the investment business, which he ended up doing for the duration of his life. Mr. Askins has one brother who was born six years later.
Father & Paternal Grandparents
Mr. Askins’ father lived to be eighty-seven years old. He was smart, ambitious,
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Askins’ mother was a character. She was fun, funny, outrageous, gregarious, good at cooking, and an amazing gardener. She taught public school music and English to elementary students, so Mr. Askins’ grew up being corrected on his grammar. Her parents were from a small town in Alabama and he called them Grandmother and Granddaddy. Mr. Askins’ maternal grandfather was born during the Civil War and was 20 year older than his grandmother. His grandfather passed when Mr. Askins’ was nine. He wishes he was still alive so that he could talk to him about all the history he experienced. His grandfather owned a store and owned property. He was very close with his grandmother who passed in 1970. He was the first grandchild so he could do no …show more content…
He recognized that there were sports, but he was horrible at everything so he did not play any. He was just not good. He always had this feeling that he would let the team down if he was not fantastic, which is why he did not participate in team sports. He preferred to play things like tennis where if he messed up it was his own problem. He also really enjoyed track. The transition from elementary to high school was very easy for him. He was also involved with Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts. All the boys in his neighborhood were also a part of the Boy Scouts. Growing up in the fifties was very idealistic; He went to movies downtown with friends and then he would ride home with his father. Camping was not his favorite activity as a member of the Boy Scouts. He remembers having a lot of fun driving down to Florida to spend a couple of weeks with his grandparents every summer. His family would go to Florida and take their red Coca-Cola cooler packed with fried chicken while his mother complained about the temperature of the drive. His mother would also make egg salad sandwiches and put the cooler in the back to separate him and his brother from fighting. Later they took their maid, Leola, who would sit between them. His mother stopped working once Mr. Askins and his brother were born. The maid would come with them so that she could take care of them when his mother and father went out at night. His family would rent a cabin on the beach in

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