Graduation Speech: Why Do Students Have To Stay In School

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Why do students have to take a subject that won 't help them in the future if they go to college or not. Our school system only taught us the four main courses and pass us on to the next class, but we always wonder if we 're ever gonna use these subjects again in our future lives. Schools don 't teach us how to do taxes, about current events or even our human rights. In "Don 't Stay In School" by Boyinaband, he stated " I wasn’t taught how to pay tax but I know loads about Shakespeare 's classics." We know that paying taxes are important but we don 't know how to pay taxes ourselves because we weren 't taught that in school. The only thing that would help us out is the personal finances that we had to pass that class to graduate. In the …show more content…
We can 't change the past while we can change the future for the next generation. My history teacher didn 't really teach current event. We did current events every Friday just not enough to learn about our economy. Learning about the past isn 't gonna do anything for us because we don 't live in the past as if we live in today 's world.I really think we’re just teaching students old history that that already happen and telling them that history repeats itself but in some cases it does but in some way it …show more content…
It was stated by Boyinaband “I was never taught my human rights. Apparently there 's 30, do you know them? I don 't.” I don’t think us as students didn’t know we had human rights just the United States Amendments that we had to know in order to pass the test for our government even the government state test. In fact, I didn’t even know we had human rights in the first place because my school didn’t even teach me. Our school hasn’t even told us that there’s human rights and some of us think it’s just the amendments as our human

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