The Importance Of The Confederate Flag

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During the years 1861 to 1865, The United States of America was torn apart by civil war. The North lead by Abraham Lincoln was attempting to reunite the country; while the southern states lead by Jefferson Davis desired independence from the North.” There is no consensus among the public about the primary cause of the Civil War, but more (48%) say that the war was mainly about states’ rights than say it was mainly about slavery (38%). Another 9% volunteer that it was about both equally.” (PewResearchCenter, 2011) As with all country’s the southern states of America developed a national flag known as the “first national flag of the Confederacy” (Coski, 2015). Only later on the battlefield would the Confederacy develop the famous flag known as the “Stars and Bars” designed to eliminate misperception. These two flags are very different and are not in way the same.
In recent times
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It is the ignorance of the person(s) who cannot see beyond wrong stigma associated with the flag. I also, firmly believe we will be doing more harm than good by removing the flag from daily life, The American Civil War shaped the United States into the country we love today, and to hide a symbol of such importance is wrong. I also think we will be teaching future generations that problems and social disagreement can be put away and not fixed or corrected. Which in my heart and mind is completely wrong, we should teach the future generations about the Civil War and the sacrifices made. To hide such an object will only cause more issues, until possibly another war is fought. The idea of learning about history is to learn from our mistakes as a society, then correct the issue even if it does take over 150 years to finally solve the problem. In short, no one is to blame but ourselves for not keeping an open mind to the depths and diversity of this country’s

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