My Experience With Reading And Writing Essay

946 Words Nov 29th, 2015 4 Pages
Literacy, the ability of reading and writing, has always been an important factor of my life. I’ve grown from my days in preschool, where I learned to write my name. I’ve now entered college, where I’ll learn to write detailed essays. I feel as if writing, reading, and I started at the edge of a mountain. Each time I write, there is growth expected, it’s like climbing a mountain. You don’t know which obstacles may come in your way, but you’re striving to reach the top. Unfortunately, because I’ve had some bad experiences with reading and writing growing up, I’m not as successful as I believe I should be, but knowing my journey isn’t over gives me enough courage to be great. I look at how I used to be and, how I am now, which helps me see that there is so much more I can conquer. Since I was old enough to read my mother shoved books in my face. My eyes would be glued to the pages. I’m certain she thought by doing that she was helping me, sad to say, now I hate reading. I never became accustomed to the task of reading. Having to read a certain amount of pages by a certain time was quite overwhelming. I’d much rather read the book in my own timeframe. Of course it wouldn’t get done, being the procrastinator that I am. I’ll never forget being in 9th grade Accelerated Literature class having to read so many books. I felt as if my eyes would drop out of my head at any second. I didn’t read these novels because I was interested, I read it because I knew I had to in order to pass…

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