My Experience With My Virtual Life Essays

1270 Words Nov 16th, 2016 6 Pages
My experience with My Virtual Life was enjoyable as it gave me a taste of how being a parent would be. After doing the questionnaire, My Virtual Life assigned me a baby boy who I ended up naming him after me, Usman Jr. I tried to provide a soothing environment, and added the latest baby toys such as rattles, and toys so that he would be more active and curious about his environment. While raising Usman Jr. I tried not to be overly attached nor try to ignore his cries. For instance, when he would wake up in the middle of night, I would not ignore his cries and continue to sleep instead would try to soothe him down. When he was around three months old, and seemed to be in constant motion I tried to give him new toys. And when he would be introduced to new people he would cry. To combat this I would introduce him to new situations gradually, and when introducing him to new people I would be with him just so that he’s comfortable would get used to the strangers. While raising Usman Jr., during his sensorimotor stage My Virtual Life did state for the object permanence test when he was eight months old Usman Jr. would be able to find hidden objects, as long as I didn’t distract him in the middle of his search. But had A not B errors, which was uncovered by Jean Piaget, when I would hide the objects in a new place after previously hiding them in the old place repeatedly. Usman Jr. would easily become upset and cry uncontrollably whenever he enters a new situation and I would leave…

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