Essay about My Experience With My Family

801 Words Dec 28th, 2015 4 Pages
It is difficult to put into such a short essay the struggle, yet incredible journey Mizzou has given me in the last few months. This last semester at the University of Missouri has been one of the most emotional and biggest changes I have had in my life. I can definitely agree to not being the only student who felt scared, excited, nervous and joyful all at once in their first semester at college. I’ve grown up in a not-so-typical family. Although my parents have been together for 19 years they have struggled in their marriage tremendously. Throughout high school, I learned things about my family that I had not known as a child, things I would have never understood if I had not been told at the age I was told at. These facts about my family did not only teach me things about myself but about my family and the meaning of family. As I arrived to college, my parents began to struggle even more in their marriage. I was their mediator at home, someone to tell the other to back off or to understand the other’s perspective. Over the summer it was much easier to deal with the stress because I had my home friends constantly around me and other family members to understand what was going on at home. During this time, school was not a priority because I had not been in it. I tried to concentrate on helping my parents and relieving their stress. As I left to college, so did the mediator. After about a month my mother told me that she had planned to divorce my father for various reasons…

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