My Experience With High School Essay

708 Words Feb 4th, 2016 3 Pages
Have you ever struggle with school? I have, school has always being hard for me. But it has also taught me how to achieve better skills of learning. It has helped me learn more about my inner self. My experience in high school has made me realize that some subjects are going to be is challenging, people are not going to be nice, and that responsibility is the key to success.
High school has changed in me several ways. One of them was the ability to do things I thought I could not accomplish. I always doubted myself because some things were so hard for me to understand. For example during my high school year in the eleventh grade, I had to take geometry. Math was always a hard subject for me. I had to take geometry in order for me to get my advanced diploma. Since I really wanted to achieve this goal, I started to study and stay after school for more help. I studied and I practiced it nonstop. By the time I had to take my geometry SOL, I was ready and I felt more confident on taking it. This taught me to not doubt myself and that everything is possible if I set my mind to it. Another thing that high school has taught me was that some people can be really judgmental and mean. It was a normal day and I was wearing a hoodie. The weather was warm but still a little chilly. On my way to class this girl that I have no idea who she was, made a rude comment about me wearing a hoodie on a sunny day. She said “Girl why are you wearing that ugly sweater it is hot outside, did your…

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