Essay on My Experience With High School

1809 Words Dec 4th, 2015 null Page
I guess it is true that time does fly when you 're having fun. High school flew by even though it lasted four whole years. It felt much shorter than that. There were so many useful things that I learned throughout my high school career, and they weren 't only things that were taught to me in the classrooms. I learned so much from my friends, from my teachers, from the mistakes I made, and the people who weren 't exactly my friends. During my years in high school and even middle school, I changed so much as a person and grew into a woman that I am genuinely proud of and a woman I love unconditionally. High school seemed like such a busy four years for me, partly because I tried to involve myself in as many things as I could because I thought that once high school was over that I wouldn 't get the opportunity to do these things anymore but looking at your college, I can clearly see that I was mistaken. There were things I tried that I absolutely loved while there were things that I tried that I absolutely did not love, but I learned from them just as much. The things that I was taught in the classroom have been also very useful in developing myself as a human being. I feel as if every little thing I was taught has prepared me in one way or another for this long and scary journey that I am about to embark on in less than a year. That 's a crazy thought; in less than a year I will have moved out of the town I have grown up in, away from the people I have known my entire life,…

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