My Experience With Being Bullied As A Teenager Essay

1128 Words Nov 20th, 2014 null Page
Welcome back to part three of this instalment about my experience with being bullied as a teenager and how it carved a pathway to empowerment. It is an early Friday morning and I am boiling some water so I can prep myself to sip on Lemon and Garlic tea as we begin this blog post. In the last two posts I wrote about what it felt like to feel hopeless and then delved into the process of how I discovered critical lessons that helped shape my destiny. In this written piece I would like to invite you to the idea of character development and that the events in our life are a pathway to self-discovery and growth. Each example I provide will look at an experience from my life and how the lesson of each experience contributed to my development in character.


As a young teenager I went through a period of my life where I experienced what it was like to feel and live in a state of suspension. It is a grey field where we want to move forward and we are constantly met with a feeling of internal resistance. I felt this resistance because I had been seeded with negative beliefs about myself. This came from being bullied and excluded so I had forged an idea about who I was. This reminds us that emotions can be a very powerful force and if it is not understood and managed it can either make us or break us. In the state of suspension I had experienced an abundance of negative feelings. Strong negative emotions can create false impressions on the mind and ultimately…

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