Essay about My Experience With Army Brat

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Army Brat When questioning myself on what experiences throughout my life have had an effect on my growing and I have learned from, I think of many different experiences. Though, the one experience that has had the most significant continuous impact on my life, the one I have gained the most knowledge from, would be growing up with a military parent. Being in a military family you learn a multitude of information at a very young age and see the world for what is actually is and not what it is made out to be. From living the military lifestyle from birth to now I’ve learned to mature as a very young adolescent, to be selfless, and to not take anything for granted. From the day I was born I have lived a military lifestyle and up to the army brat name. I grew up on military instillations. I knew how to fold the American Flag before I could tie my shoes. I viewed the uniform worn by individuals who defend this nation as an every day sighting. With the many perks of being military, one being traveling, it also comes with great responsibility and having to mature at a very young age. Growing up I encountered many situations that not many children my age related to. By the time I was six my father had deployed to Korea three times, a year each deployment. I moved and restarted my life twice. I lived with my dad “going to get bad guys.” Not knowing that when he left for work if I would see him that evening. It was a common occurrence for him to go to work and later call…

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