Essay on My Experience With A Counselor Who Has No Job

808 Words Oct 19th, 2015 4 Pages
As a counsellor who has a client that has no job, only grade 10 education, an abusive past, increased illegal drug use, and whose wife and child has left him I have to be understanding of where he is at and what he has believes are his problems that he wants my help in. I have to be more self-aware of my limitations and make sure that I do not transfer any issue that are happening with my life to my client. With my history of my father being an alcoholic and witnessing my parents going through an unpleasant divorce, I have to be prepared that this client may bring back some unpleasant memories. When getting a new client and trying to structure a professional relationship, you have to be able to show your problem solving skills, communication skills as well as empathy and to be self-aware.
First thing I would try to do is get the clients understanding of what the problem is. I would try to get the man to tell me what the problem is. After hearing the story from the man, I would then formulate my opinion. With the man I would try to make an agreement on what the main problems are and which ones we should attempt to solve. After the man and I agree upon what the problems are and which one we are trying to solve I would then sit down with the man and get a clear understanding of what the nature of that problem is and then translate that problem into a need. Once we have figured out what he needs the man and I would then decide on some measurable, realistic and achievable…

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