My Experience On Business Communications Essay

1068 Words Dec 8th, 2015 null Page
My experience in business communications has help me in my personal and professional life.
I enjoyed being in class because I learned important things that are helping me in my college education and also in my personal life since the begging of the semester. First, I learned the importance of an effectively communicating with others and the importance in planning messages in order to deliver the right messages to the right audience. For example, the impromptu presentation we made in the first few weeks of class helped me to plan a message from a random topic, in my case “taking on water,” in a limited amount of time while cooperating with others in order to create an informative or persuasive presentation to the rest of the class that made sense with the random topic.
Next, the course help me in writing business messages. One of the things in which this class has helped me in the rest of my classes is the importance of writing effectively and always proofreading all my papers before submitting them. Also, with the daily assignments from the book, I learned how to write different types of documents and writings appropriately. For example, two remarkable topics from the daily assignments included the condolence letter and the goodwill message. Some of the daily assignments were challenging to write, especially the condolence letter, but writing them help me because someday I might be faced with similar situations, and knowing how to appropriately address and write correct…

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