STEM Student Analysis

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As a STEM student in high school, I learned the importance of homework, projects, and gained a sense of belonging, how to apply what I learned, and mentor other STEM students through the painful amount of homework. All of the STEM students bonded like a beehive because you work together for one common cause, to graduate and go to college. At times, the course work was incredibly difficult, especially in my freshman year. Of course, most STEM students were stressed out including me. For example, in computer science no one in my class, including myself understood how to write code for our project. A friend, who already took the class, was able to explain how to write the code so I could complete the project. Due to all of the homework assigned …show more content…
By providing all children with the necessary tools to learn, grow and develop this can lead to new technologies and advances in medicine which in turn can affect our society on the national and global levels. The federal government has already started to integrate strategies to educate the children. In the document “Federal Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Education 5-Year Strategic Plan” the plan is “Making STEM a priority in more of the Administration`s education efforts” and “The first round of the Department of Education`s $4.3 billion Race to the Top competition” (Holdren 2) demonstrates the government taking the proper steps in the right direction to increase the funding for the educational programs such as STEM along with upgrading classrooms with computers and various technologies as well as providing students with job shadowing experiences. This reminded me of an article “On the Uses of a Liberal Education: As Lite Entertainment for Bored College Students” by Mark Edmundson who explains ideas in which I can understand and relate my educational experience too. In the text “It`s all about the dollars” (Edmundson 326) highlights the overall message about how important money is to society and how it can control all aspects of our lives such as the education one receives. It`s all about the dollars, but with these dollars if we can educate kids in our nation and countries around the world in a wide variety of subjects we can improve every aspect of our lives making the quality of life and happiness better. However, STEM is not very well known about worldwide or even in the United States that is why funding can also be used to educate teachers about STEM and standards each student is expected to uphold. In the STEM Magazine, the mission is to “support our

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