My Experience In The Nutritional Sciences Program

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1. What experiences have you had in nutrition, public health, or related areas that have prepared you for entry into this graduate program?

I participated in two undergraduate research projects that developed my passion for research. Both experiences helped me understand ways to develop a clinical question in nutrition, how to be organized, work in a team, and think of possible things that could go wrong before they have gone wrong. I especially enjoyed these research projects because they looked at innovation of products to create healthier options for consumer vanilla taste preference and preventing chronic disease with cranberries.

As part of the research projects, I was able to travel to Experimental Biology in Boston in April 2015
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You will conduct an independent research project as an integral component of your training in the Nutritional Sciences Program. Considering the strengths of our program and faculty, if you had to choose a research topic today, what would it be? Participating in undergraduate research projects and working in Industry have been the main contributors to sparking my interest in Nutrition research. One research project was evaluating the glycemic response of a reduced acidity cranberry in people with metabolic syndrome. I enjoyed formulating a new reduced acidity cranberry juice and seeing its potential benefit to people living with diabetes. However, I also enjoyed working in the food industry. Through my internship at Sargento, I was able to see product development and food policy requirements. Both fields equally interest me.

As a result of this and the abundance of faculty research on cancer, if I had to choose a research project today, it would be in ways nutrition can prevent cancer. Several of my family members have lost their battle to cancer, so preventing its onset or slowing its progression is valuable to me. Specifically, I would like to do research on cancer progression and determine ways in which nutrients can slow its growth or onset. With this, I want to innovate food products in a way that enhances these nutrients so less people are affected by the disease. I also believe that food policies need to be improved in the United States to prohibit carcinogenic foods and I would like my research to have an effect on

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