My Experience In The Learning Part In Elementary School

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As far back as I can remember, I recall mixing up certain letters in the alphabet. I had difficulty with sounds, which made it really hard for me to write with accuracy. With extra help from the “Learning Lab” in elementary school I was able to just barely get by but I always found myself behind everyone my own age. My memories from being in the Learning Lab were really traumatizing at the time. I was always singled out, and pulled from the class to get extra attention that I did not appreciate at the time. I know now that without that extra attention, I would struggle more as I progressed in school. Since I had an IEP in elementary school, I was held back from learning a second language in middle school. Instead of attending Spanish or French I went to another program called “Study Skills” where I was given extra time to do homework or get …show more content…
This class had requirements that correlated with Spanish one that I had not mastered yet. No English was allowed in this class, which made it much harder for me to acquire the information I needed to know in order to pass. This class started to be my worst nightmare! I was embarrassed to speak in front of the class, and since I was not practicing the language out loud, I did not learn very much. After careful consideration and many talks with my teacher, he decided another semester would not do any harm. He gave me a failing grade and there I was, stuck in another Spanish level two class for another dreadful semester. I had to experience those feelings all over again and I received no accommodations even though I had an IEP. As the end of that semester approached, I still had not learned much more than the first semester. But in order for me to graduate high school, I was required to pass this class. I was definitely not qualified to pass but my teacher once again must have felt bad for me and I received a passing

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