Literacy History Autobiography

Literacy History Autobiography
When it comes to being literate, I’ve always been on top. Ever since I could remember (I can’t actually remember very far back) I’ve been pretty high up on the literacy tower. I believe I’ve been able to read and write fairly well, since what feels like 1st grade. I was never actually given help from my parents in my rise of literacy. My Nana is to thank for that. She had several books from basic to advanced, that I could read. She had small, hand-sized books in the shape of letters that would show me how to pronounce and read certain letters and all the different ways they could be used. I was always advanced in my literacy classes, from 7th grade I’ve been told from a variety of tests that I have a college reading
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The thing is, I still have completed the series. But my lord was it good while it lasted, the series had supernatural connections as well as historical and conspiracy connections. Filled with gore, action, and mystery, the book had me at the edge of my seat the entire time. Other books that got my attention were “Atherton” and “Rash”. Atherton being a trilogy that I’ve only read the first of, which was, “Atherton: House of Power” The book was about a special planet made by a scientist, so that people could be transported to it from Earth, or “The Dark Planet” and how people were treated poorly in a monarchical government turned dictatorship. Then “Rash” was about a futuristic United Safer States of America. Saying how literally every unsafe act was considered criminal and that 24% of the population was incarcerated, forced to work for the few large corporations that now run the country. Books in general all have hidden meanings, they all teach us something, books help us share our ideas masked behind a mysterious story that the reader themselves must discover. Writers today are seen as almost a prophet of education when it comes to teaching our generations about the basic ideas of living. I recommend all of these books to anyone that ends up reading …show more content…
What would I do without being able to read OR write in the United States of America, dominated by English? The simple answer is, indeed, nothing! The ability to read and write is such a basic function required to live in today’s society that I don’t think anyone could actually be able to survive. For one, not being able to read warning labels; natural selection would take effect; otherwise, it would get pretty bad. Not being able to read basic signs such as “STOP” Yeah, that’d get pretty bad. What about the texting era? Everyone is doing it, if someone can’t text in today’s society, that really limits their ability to make contact with as many people as the average person could. Nobody could ever pass any classes, either. A person has to read and write in all classes someone could take. There isn’t a single occupation that wouldn’t need reading and writing as a

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