My Experience In The Gergarten Classroom

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1. Environment
When you first walk into the kindergarten classroom at SMGS there are two doors one is at the connect hallway and the other goes outside so that the children can get the weather when doing the weather each day. There is some natural light coming into the room from the door, the rest is from the lights in the ceiling. On the wall next to the entrance there is a supply closet and then there is a bunch of cubbies for the children to keep their backpack and other things. The tables in this classroom are organized in a semi-circle with a smart board at the front and center of the room. In front of the smart board, there is a carpet for the children the have circle time. On the walls of the classroom, there is many different learning
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They are learning how many groups of five and seeing how many extras to work on their number skills. Each day when doing the calendar they also do a color pattern, a new math problem, show in 10 frames, a daily domino, as well as other things so the children are learning new things each day. The teacher, Mrs. Brown, has one child pick a number out of a cup and that is the number of the day to do with the objects listed above. Each day they also count how many days they have been in school, the day I was there it has been 42 days since the first day. Daily words for the kids to write in their journal, a time for them to go over the letters of the alphabet and their sounds. As well as flashcard with the words they have learned and spelling each out. The is a letter of the week and when I came into watch the class it was the letter R, so there was an I-spy and a website that comes over words that start with R. The children are gaining intellectually by being involved with the other kids and knowing the sound of letters and the words that go along with it. With the book they were reading I was able to see how interested the students were in what was being said to them and how it relates to what can be going on. When they are in smaller groups with the teacher it is more of a one on one with 3 in each group instead of having the whole class of 15 with the one

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