Reflection On College Admissions

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1. List ONE important event or experience that is memorable to you and briefly tell why this would be important to a college admissions committee.

As a member of SMART (Students Modeling a Research Topic) Team, I had the opportunity to go to Boston, to attend the Experimental Biology Conference, to present my literary research/review on the CFTR protein (Cystic Fibrosis Transmembrane Conductance Regulator Protein). After working for many hours with my peers researching and forming a poster, we presented our poster with our model protein at the conference as one of few high school student posters in the undergraduate hall. I had the privilege of observing researchers explain their findings, make connections with professors and other researchers.
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Specifically, I am proudest for my work in Science Club. As President of Science Club, I am responsible for managing the huge club and leading Walton Science Club to victory at the various tournaments. On top of guiding the team, for the past two years, I have been the head coordinator for the WISC tournament in the fall. This tournament requires an enormous amount of planning, but is my proudest accomplishment during the school year.

Over the summer, I had the amazing opportunity of researching at the University of Arkansas. This was the pinnacle of my high school life because it brought together all the subjects I loved learning about and applied them to groundbreaking research. The experience allowed me to publish a paper (in the process) and allowed me to gain valuable experience and insight in the research field. As the only high school student at the lab, I was able to make valuable connections with students and professors and gain advice for college and life from many people.

4. Name three things about you that a college admission representative should know about, above and beyond your GPA, class rank, and test
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What are some of your favorite aspects of your high school experience so far? Least favorite? Please be specific.

My favorite aspect of my high school experience has to be my extracurricular activities. Clubs at Walton have offered me the opportunity to apply my love for math and science in interesting ways. Science Club and SMART Team have allowed me to further my knowledge of my favorite topics, and have allowed me to meet my best friends. I also love the depth of knowledge I gained from many of my courses, such as BC Calculus, AP World History, AP Statistics, and AP Chemistry. Particularly, I also loved the discussion-based courses, such as AP US History, AP Spanish, and AP English Language.

My least favorite aspect of high school was the amount of work given outside of class. Many of my classes had a lot of busy work that did not really have any meaning. Although I spent many nights working till three in the morning, hopefully, it was worth it in the end. I am ready to still put in the same, if not greater, amount of work in

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