My Experience In Pursuing The Master Of Science In Human Centered Design And Engineering

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(???/500 words) What experiences over the past five years have led to your interest in pursuing the Master of Science in Human Centered Design & Engineering (HCDE) at the University of Washington?

My undergraduate career was admittedly rather aimless; I had chosen to leave high school in the 10th grade and get my GED, and attending university was simply the next the thing to do. I 've been in love with writing since I was quite young and decided to chose it as my course of study. After a while, I realized that my passion alone could not carry me through a program that I did not find challenging or beneficial. By the time this occurred to me, I was too close to the end. I had a curiosity for other things--web development, graphic design, computer
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I believe experiences should ultimately be joyful; technology has become so ubiquitous (and at times magical) that the next logical step is focusing on improving how we that technology slots cleanly into our lives and our communities. In one way or another I had spent my whole life pursuing experience design without even realizing it was a thing to be pursued. Everything I 'd ever been passionate about: creative writing, behavioral research, social psychology, web design, print design--heck, even theatre--was all leading up to it. When I realized that the culmination of all of my interests and experiences was an actual field, I was …show more content…
The program did not offer academic credit, but it did serve as an excellent launching pad for my future education goals. As an eight-part specialization, I solidified a base set of skills in research and interviewing, designing, needfinding, and statistical analysis, culminating in a massive, 11-week capstone project (which is viewable at my portfolio website, with other side projects I have pursued in the past year).
I also enrolled in additional classwork to earn further academic credit and raise my GPA to an acceptable standard: application of statistics to bolster my weak math history and reinforce a similar statistics course I previously took at Hollins, and a communication arts-oriented web page design, to catch up in a field that has evolved significantly since my last formal

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