Reflective Essay: The Destruction Of My Writing Class

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My defining class
For many students middle school is a great time, but my middle school experience was ruined very quickly. For many students middle school is a time where many students are able to grow, find out what their interests are, learn, and become social. But in my case it was more about me dreading everyday having to wake up and go to school. My first experience with middle school was a very confusing time for me, and unfortunately I was mistakenly placed into a writing support class. At the start of middle school, I was forced into a writing support class, this lead to me having low self-esteem, becoming insecure about my schoolwork, and a dislike towards criticism. I never had any problems with self-esteem until I started middle school, I was always more proud than confident, this quickly changed when I was forced into the writing support class. Originally I was excited about starting middle school, but on my first day of class, this quickly turned into a day of confusion and annoyance. As soon as I got
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Eventually I found out and was told by my English teacher that it may have been a mistake that I was even put in a writing support class. But being told that didn’t help how I felt it only discouraged me more since I had tried for weeks to explain to my school that it was a mistake. After having my work constantly criticized and mocked I started hating any criticism that teachers would give me on my work as I could never tell whether they were trying to help or just insulting it. Being in that class for months made me despises middle school since it started with an annoying experience. I still worked hard during middle school in fear that I would be put into the same writing support class. Lucky for me it changed my habit of actually starting to try on my assignments, or at least work harder than I did

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