Call To Adventure In Nursing

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Call to Adventure I did not get my true call to adventure until I was about ready to start my sophomore year of high school. My school offered nursing classes as a junior, and my mentor at the time was really pushing me to pursue nursing. I guess looking back at it, she was my first herald; prior to nursing, I was going to pursue teaching. I cannot imagine what my journey as a teacher would have looked like, but I do not think it would have been the adventure that nursing has been for me. Deciding to take my mentor’s advice, and the advice of my mother, I took the nursing classes. During that very first certified nursing assistant class, I experienced a transformation and knew that nursing was my true call to adventure. I loved the content, …show more content…
To me, this decision was the one that would make or break my future career. If I did not choose the right one, there was no way I would be successful. On a whim, I applied for the Mayo Clinic Summer III Externship, just to see what would happen. When I got the acceptance email, I thought there had been some mistake. I was immediately overjoyed, quickly followed by disappointment. Since this was an externship, it meant that I would not be administering medications, or doing any IV’s. Worried this would be yet another factor holding me back, I went to my mentor and advisor for her words of wisdom. Without any hesitation, she told me that I should absolutely take this opportunity given to me.
Throughout that internship, I learned and fine-tuned my skills in communication, patient interaction, providing patient centered care, looking at the physiology behind what was going on with the patient, time management, and confidence in myself as a nurse. Because of the decision to pursue that opportunity, I was able to accept a nursing position there for when I graduate. I still do not feel completely ready to take on the role of a nurse, but I am trusting that my education and my experiences have given me the knowledge and the skillset to continue my
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Each day, we are given the opportunity to change someone’s life. With that opportunity comes the choice of what we will do with that power. I have realized how important the little things can be in making a patient feel better. Something as simple as taking the time to rub lotion on their back, or let them tell me a story about their family member can make all the difference. While I may be busy, I should never be too busy to look at my patient as a human with needs other than their medical needs at that time. It is often the little things that become the big things in the

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