Essay about My Experience At The World Of Recreation

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The practicums have definitely helped in some of the shaping towards the direction I think I would like to take in the diverse world of recreation. I experienced times where it became clear that there were certain professions I would and would not like to have. This was very eye opening because there were times when I was really overjoyed by being there and some other times where I just participated because I wanted to gain the experience and it turns out it wasn’t for me and that’s okay. Overall, I’d say I’m more interested than ever pushing forward and learning from these opportunities because a career in this profession is something I’m hungry for and I’m extremely excited to see where I end up. All of the visits gave me a different perspective on how recreation functions separately but together with ease for the same goal and that’s to provide our services to the population because it should be a right not a privilege and I’d say I’d more than enjoy a career in recreation. I wouldn’t say I’d enjoy a career in this profession if I didn’t mean it and the majority of what we have been taught this phase has embodied a lot of who I am. Each of these practicums allowed a different side of my compassion and empathy to show for others in ways I thought I was able to hide and that’s pretty neat. I also dream of a world where people can be at peace with one another and enjoy life to each their own and live and embody community ideals because people can’t do it alone. The idea…

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