My Experience At The University Of Sto.tomas Essay

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I have been living for 50 years so far, a milestone I would like to remember forever. Blessed to have been born in a modest family with hardworking parents Celestino and Estrella. They made sure that me and my other 3 siblings Ate Lita, Kuya Perry and Bobby have roof in our heads, food in the table, clothes to wear, school to attend, protected us and kept us safe all the time. My parents taught us the value of close knit loving family. Bisaya is my first spoken dialect was born in Ozamis City and lived in Iligan City during my early childhood years. I was 7 years old when we moved to Manila in 1972. I had a normal childhood and stayed away from trouble in my teenage years, no drugs no alcohol no serious boy and girl relationship, just normal crushes. I earned my Industrial Engineering degree at the University of Sto.Tomas in Manila. Careerwise, I was not able to get into the engineering field instead developed my career in the Philippines in sales and marketing. My first job which is selling encyclopedia led me to other sales job. Sold business to business plastic packaging. Then I entered the pharmaceutical industry as a medical representative and eventually I got into managerial positions. By personal choice, I left my pharma career and got into real estate selling. Before I left Philippines I was a real estate broker. It is on my first job that I met my lifetime partner and love of my life Jimmy Lim. We had a long standing relationship of 7 years and then we got…

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