My Experience At The Classroom Essay

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It has been nearly a month since my last brief analysis was written and during those weeks my hours at work have been many and my opportunities with tutoring have been few. However, I did have an interesting encounter during one of my shifts in the writing center. This encounter was also consequently my first actual session with a tutee at the center. Holding high expectations of myself, I drew from all of the knowledge that I had retained during my classes and readings and hoped for the best as my first student writer walked through the door. It soon became prevalently clear, though, that this session would be a challenge for me. As soon as she approached my table, it was apparent that she was at the writing center with reluctance. Without introducing herself – or allowing me time to introduce myself – she tossed her bags on the ground and unzipped her laptop out of her bag with force. Taking these signs as a “proceed with caution” label, I decided it would be best to approach her with careful inquisition and kind openness. Once she had finished setting up her laptop across from me I broke the tension with a simple, “Hi, is there something I can help you with?” To this she proceeded to spew a long winded stream of frustrated sounds of which I managed to interpret, “Five hundredth time in here… tired of writing these useless papers… never get any sleep,” and so forth. By the time I let her get her miniature self-rant out, she had pulled up her papers on her…

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