My Experience At Super Speed Essay

1090 Words Oct 12th, 2016 5 Pages
I never thought it could happen to me, until it did. What was supposed to be a normal Saturday evening turned into what I can only imagine would be my mother’s biggest nightmare and would cause me more pain than just a few bruises. Everyone describes moments like these as being slowed down, but for me everything seemed to be going at super speed. I don’t really remember rolling, all I can remember is losing control on the loose gravel and the initial impact of my body being slammed against the driver side door and then watching the dust settle. The little things that I can remember seem almost insignificant looking back on it now: how my rear view mirror was tilted up at an odd angle, how I could not get my key out of the ignition, and how I could not open my door all the way. While I didn’t need the jaws of life to come cut me out of my car, my car was totaled. The first thing I did after getting out of my car was call my mom. I don’t remember even telling her what happened at first. I just called her and instantly started crying and apologizing. At the time she did not know what had happened and I could hear the panic in her voice, but as I stood in the middle of a gravel road on the outskirts of town looking at my car I could not bring myself to tell her what had happened and to say those three words I knew were true: I almost died. One thing is for certain, if I was not wearing my seat belt that night I am not sure if I would be here or not. Seatbelts are a modern…

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