My Experience At My High School Students ' Union Essay

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When I was an infant, I was trained and educated as someone that would be able to approach others and becomes friendly with anyone around me. I grew up with the tradition of calling each people’s names before I eat, and I even say ‘hi’ to every people that either I just knew or even I already knew for a long period of time. My shameless traits has become somewhat a benefit to my education life, as I want to take Marketing major.

As someone who is vigorously active, I started to participate as a part of the students’ union during my senior high school period. Instead of becoming the leader of my high school students’ union, I was more interested in making events allowed all my high school colleagues to be able to take part of such as Halloween, Valentine’s day, Sports day, Independence day, and etc . As a result, I became the vice of the event organizer position and I planned all the events that could be hosted during my high school era. One of my biggest events was the Halloween 2011 when I transformed my high school building into a haunted house, which I was able to get a gross profit of 10 million Rupiah within just a single night. Moreover, due to my over-confident attitude, I tend to become the host of my school events. As a result, I was able to show my unique intrapersonal ability among others.

My high school life had somewhat affected my life in college in accepting other cultures, behaviors, different backgrounds, and even different races. As I was trained to…

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