My Experience At My Family Essay

802 Words Jan 31st, 2016 4 Pages
Last summer visiting my family in California was such an exciting thing. I haven’t seen them in over two years, so it was such a great chance to have before going to college full time, and getting my first job. When visiting my family for a few weeks, my dad decided that we were going to Six Flags Magic Mountain for my birthday. I was too happy and thought that was the most exciting thing that has ever happened to me. My sister, brother, and I had count down the weeks and days till it was the day to go to Six Flags Magic Mountain. Every day we always brought up Six Flags, and what we were going to do when we got there, or what ride we just had to ride first. Just the thought of going to Six Flags for my first time felt so exciting. I couldn’t wait to ride the biggest rides there. To have wind blowing in my face, and my stomach dropping while I through my heart up from dropping down the biggest, and steepest slope on the rides. Finally it was three weeks later the day before my family and I go to Six Flags. My siblings and I had to distract ourselves for the day to go by fast, so we went to the park all day long playing sports, riding bikes, and skateboards. We even had races, and made up over ten games to play just to be distracted. It was finally getting late, and my dad had called me, he said, “It’s time to come home, and I have some news…” I knew it had to be bad it was the day before Six Flags, and he had to tell us something important in person. When we got home my dad…

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