My Experience At High School Essay

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I was born and raised in Reading, Pennsylvania. I attended the Wilson West Lawn school district from Kindergarten through senior year of high school. My main extracurricular activity almost always tended to be sports. By junior high I had narrowed down my main sports to soccer and ice hockey, which remain my two favorite sports to this day. Eventually I narrowed that down to only ice hockey for high school. I played both scholastic and travel hockey, which meant that from November through February I spent most of my days on the ice. It kept me very busy through high school, which kept me out of trouble on weekends and gave me a head start on time management skills going into college.

I first took the SATs rather early in my junior year of high school, which proved to be a good move. My score was disappointing and did not meet my expectations, which motivated me to study my math skills harder and read more frequently. The next time around I achieved a score I was much more satisfied with. This one was good enough for me to get into Pitt in September of my senior year of high school, along with some other schools.

While senior year is usually a light year for most students, it proved to be one of my most challenging, and it had nothing to do with school. In December of that year, I popped my kneecap out of place for the fourth time that hockey season. Why it took four incidents for me to call it quits for the year (and by extension, my competitive career), I have since…

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