My Experience At High School Essays

794 Words Aug 3rd, 2016 4 Pages
This semester has been a big learning experience. I came into UCF at the beginning of the summer thinking that this semester was going to be a breeze. High school was very easy for me so I assumed college couldn’t be that much harder. Wow, was I wrong. It’s not that this semester was overly difficult it was just not what I was expecting. I really never had homework in high school and almost never had to study. I very quickly learned that college was the exact opposite of that.I have done more studying and assignments than i ever did in high school. It was good for me though. I feel like I am actively learning now, which I couldn’t say before. This course has helped me a lot in the transition from high school to college. It wasn’t overly difficult but it prepared me for what 's to come in the fall. Self-reflection is one of the most important skills i plan to use from now on. It is always important to look back on yourself and see how you’re doing, among the other benefits of self-reflection. I also plan to use some of the study techniques that the class taught me. Like I said earlier, I never had to study much in past years so now that I have to almost every night I’m glad I have different, effective ways to do so. How to properly write a research paper is another skill I know I will need in the rest of my years here at UCF.This is easily one of the most important skills I learned because as a psych major I can only imagine the amount of papers I will have to write.…

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