My Experience As A College Student Essay examples

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During my experience as a college student, I realize that most students, including myself, have the same question. “What do I want to major in?” It is answered with the hackneyed cliché that gets more irritating the more it is said, which is “study your passion”. Some students are unable to study what truly interest them in fear that they are unable to make a decent wage and the constant nagging of parents to follow a certain route. Even if they are allowed total freedom to choose a major, classes that generally interest them are more complex in theory than in practice. Ionesco 's The Lesson is a play that metaphorically shows the development of students ' education throughout their college experience. The reader can see how the pupil goes through the journey of college in a short amount of time. The pupil faces the same challenges as a college student such as making family proud, aiming to be “marketable”, and perhaps learning something new. Unfortunately, she also faces the terror of losing passion for subject that were once interesting and eventually getting her dream crushed and killed by the professors, which happens on campus. Like the pupil entering to meet the professor, some students enter college with the major chosen by their parents or mentors. Instead of going to college to study something they like and doing themselves proud, they study something that will satisfy their parents. The pupil tells the professor, “My parents also wants me to get an education.…

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