College Admissions Essay: A Moment In My Life

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As I try to pinpoint a single day or moment in my life that best exemplifies the person I am today, memories flood my mind and I think about all the opportunities that led me here to Brigham Young University. I could easily write about an epic backpacking trip or meeting President Obama, but there is a greater moment, not even a year ago when I saw myself from a whole new perspective. I always heard about girls who competed in Distinguished Young Women, former junior miss, in my town. They competed for scholarship money, which I had finally realized my junior year I could use some of, and they always seemed to love it. So, my junior year when the time came to sign up, I didn’t even hesitate! I had never even seen a Distinguished Young Women program before, but it surely wasn’t just the happy, laughing candid photos I had seen on Instagram. I stressed, cried, sweat, and stressed some more for the weeks leading up to the program. But, by some miracle, I went home with a medallion, flowers, and enough scholarships to pay for this year that night. So began the preparation for the state wide competition. A sweet stranger zipped the back of my dress while another pinned a lose curl back into my bun. I took one last glance in the mirror, grabbed my sweatshirt, and rushed back stage, holding up my dress so as not to trip. My mind was racing as I passed the walls lined with tables of boxes. Each box …show more content…
My fingers were far quicker than my mind and had to go off muscle memory alone, but I reminded myself of all the dramatic gestures had been decided I must due to draw my audience in. I hit the last run and couldn’t smack the stupid smile off my face because I knew I had nailed it. Not every note or every octave, not even close but I had done my best. And for the first time in my life, that was enough for me. As I stood and bowed I was overcome with the moment and the blessing it was to have this gift that brings me so much stress and joy all at

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