The Importance Of High School Graduation

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When I was a young child, the thought of graduating from high school seemed to be a dream that would never come true until thirteen years later it was time to walk across the stage to receive my diploma. Graduating from Thompson High School instantly became one of the most significant events in my life as it represented a pivotal transition in my life between closing one chapter and opening a new one. An emotional event that marked a transitional phase in my life would be my high school graduation. The procession of the graduation ceremony caused a series of various emotions. As I walked down the steep stairs in my black heels, I could not help but hold onto the rail tightly while concentrating on not falling in front of an audience full of …show more content…
As a result of being a bigger school, my graduation was set in the University of Alabama at Birmingham’s Bartow Arena. The seating inside the arena was cut in half due to the transformation of the arena from a basketball court to a stage set up in front of a sea of black chairs. The audience surrounded the graduates in a 180-degree rotation. Seating for the audience was limited as there were several friends or family standing to be able to see their graduate. In front of the audience along the edge of the arena was a single long row of all the teachers who had contributed dedication and hard work to our success in high school. They were dressed identically as us with the black robes but differentiated themselves by not wearing a hat and wearing a blue satchel around their necks. In the center of the arena were two wide columns of chairs filled with all the graduates dressed in black gowns. Above the graduates seats was a brightly lit up screen that broadcasted a close-up image of the procession of the ceremony. The stage was setup directly in front of the graduates with simple decorations consisting of Thompson High Schools logo and a table full of diplomas. The setting of the graduation ceremony made it more real that high school was ending and a new life style was about to

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