My Exciting Job Essay: My Most Exciting Job

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My Exciting Job When I was growing up I would volunteer for fundraisers, my community, and to help my dad and mom at their jobs, although, I wasn’t at the age to work legally. I started working at the very young age of fourteen years old and since then I have worked continuously with my only breaks being for vacations. I have had plenty of jobs in the last four years such as waiting tables, cooking, cleaning, and managing a restaurant, but there is only one job that has stuck in my mind. There is only one job that I think about everyday and miss dearly; it is also my most exciting job. The most exciting job I have ever had was in construction (remodeling, building, and flipping houses) about a year ago in the early summer all around the Panhandle …show more content…
Ever since I was little I have had an obsession with fixing things and figuring out how clocks, VCR’s, game stations, and other electronics work. This job fulfilled my obsession by letting me demolish drywall, cut and hang molding, install bathtubs, and rewire houses. It also allowed me to work around my crazy schedule. I was in highschool when I occupied this job so it was difficult timing my schedule with studying as well as with my extra curricular activities. My dad being the business manager made it easier to work around my schedule. I was able to choose the hours I worked; if I needed to study I could just say I was not able to work. Some other great aspects of the working conditions were that sometime I would have to lift heavy equipment, crawl through tight spaces, and work outside in the heat. So this job allowed me get myself healthier, and build my strength as well as my flexibility all while getting a …show more content…
There is so much I have learned while working in construction. For example I have learned that respect will get me far in a lot of situations. When talking to a customer or a co-worker respect is needed to keep my job. This is a good quality I was excited to learn because it is needed in a lot of other cases. I also learned to talk to people and be confident around them. For an example when I was talking to a customer I couldn 't stutter or they may start questioning what I was talking about even though I knew what I was saying. I use this whenever I have to speak in a large crowd or to peers. One last learning experience that made this my most exciting job was the work ethic. I have learned that the job never gets done by doing nothing.
In conclusion, I have had many extraordinary jobs, but for the pay, learning experiences, and working conditions construction is my most exciting job. Being able to work in such situations has inspired me and impacted my life in the past and now as I go forward in college to become an electrical engineer. I am now currently an A student with a full ride scholarship to college because of the work ethic I learned working

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