My Educational Journey : My Education Journey Essay

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My Educational Journey Have you ever noticed a hesitant, shy, unjustified and confused student in your class? I was just one of them in my middle and elementary school. Just like Mike Rose, I was under estimated by my parents and teachers. I was an average student, who always makes different tactics to encounter the questions of the teacher. I always use a different method to not to get in an eye of the teacher, when I was in elementary school. Every day for me at school was like solving a labyrinth that is going to take forever for me to solve. I was just like in prison, which is created by my own parents. My parents are not so educated; I think that is why they always pressurized me to study. Just like Mike Rose, I was undisciplined in high school. I had a similar kind of experience when I started my school in India. I belong to a middle class family, so I went to regular middle- class high school. Indian education system is very old fashioned and uncreative. Teachers are supposed to do the same syllabus from years ago. Most unacceptable and inadequate thing, it pressurizes the students and they end with cramming. In fact, my own teachers tell us to cram the whole thing in India. If you refused, no one can save you from your teacher stick. As a result, I was a topper on paper but I learned nothing. No matter how strong you are in other field, they just want to see your high scores in exams. From my experience, if you do not cram the whole thing, then your…

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