My Educational Journey Consisted Of More Bad And Ugly Than Good

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My educational journey consisted of more bad and ugly than good. Especially in elementary school. I was timid none the less but if I could some up the 5 years in one word, the word would be isolation. It started in the first grade when something awful happened. While putting away my backpack, three girls pushed me into the cubby closet we put our bags in. They held their body weight against the door so I could not get out. I was in there for a good minute screaming and hitting the door. My teacher came and opened it and scolded the girls. The next week the parents of the three girls were mad at; my parents, my teacher and myself. They demanded my removal from the class. I could not wrap my mind around this, nor could anyone else. They shoved me in there for no reason, I was the victim. I was put into a small class of about fifteen kids, kids who had been bullied as well. We all learned on the same level as the other kids, just in a small group. During recess they called us dumb, even though we learned all the same things, at some point we were even ahead due to the lack of students. One day after the book fair in the fourth grade I had just purchased the new Harry Potter book. While walking back to class two girls and a boy took it and ripped up the pages and threw the book in a toilet. I was extremely upset because at the time I felt like books were my only friend and they had destroyed it. They got off scot free while I was yelled at and told to stand up for…

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