My Education Plan And Counselor Discussion Essay

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This paper will include a discussion of my Education Plan and counselor discussion. Out of this project I will be discussing the real and perceived obstacles that can divert me from pursuing my ambitions and dreams that I set for myself. I will also explain how I will go about with my financial plan, when you are pursuing a career in the field you choose there should always be a financial plan for upcoming obstacles that can disturb you from achieving the plans set. I will elucidate my strategy for achieving my goals, beginning with how I procrastinate a lot when it comes to the deadline I set for myself to fulfill the desires of my hungry soul. In this project I will criticize my academic standings to discern if the route that I’m taking is the right educational path to achieve my career goals. I will include specific techniques in how I can stay on track with my academic path, I will also explain the obstacles that got the best of me during my time in college. I will describe my reaction and make a statement to why I will keep pursuing my educational goals. This project is for me to have an understanding of my educational path I have chosen for my career. I have learned a lot after speaking with my health science advisor. My advisor has helped me feel comfortable with my academic decisions I have made so far. Because of the words of encouragement my willpower is triggered to complete this task.

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