Creative Writing: Majorca Spain

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As we go about our mundane lives, just waiting to get each working day over with, there comes a point where you look out into the sky and wonder… wonder if your soul belongs elsewhere. The incurable urge to see the world and gain new experiences, alter and evolve our insights and challenge our boundaries lays dormant in us and comes to the surface ever so often. It is often a wonderful feeling to be around your closest friends. Now imagine traveling the world with them, exploring new sights, sounds and tastes together. What could be better than that?
Instead of brushing it aside as a passing feeling, a silly fantasy that’s evoked by the lure of extravagant destinations, we need to give in to it and embark on an adventure that we so desperately
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Apart from the glorious beaches and mysterious coves, there is a variety of activities that you can partake in. Water sports, lazing by the countryside, exploring the culture and indulging in the local cuisine are only some of the many touristic luxuries of this island.
Measuring almost 80 kms , with 550 kms of the coast, the stark white sands and unimaginable clear turquoise waters are guaranteed to take your breath away.
It is a perfect place for Water sport enthusiasts to enjoy themselves. It is ideal for scuba diving, sailing, fishing, swimming and surfing.
Apart from this, the rich and dynamic culture is the perfect setting for a wonderful time with your best friends.
Palma de Mallorca is the islands capital and main concentration of the islands culture lies here. From the bustling night-life to the historically rich sights about town, there is never a shortage of things to do.

Navagio Beach, Zakynthos, Greece

Vastly recognized for its clear water, bright sands and stunningly steep cliffs that are enjoyed endlessly by thrill seekers, this beautiful isolated sandy cove perched on the Zakythos island is a must
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This beautiful cave has an opening above which lets light in, giving the illusion of boats floating in air.
Tourists reach the destination through an underground tunnel and explore the lake with the help of a guide. The teal blue waters of the lake and the natural phenomenon that nature created can be explored by you and your friends, guaranteed to leave you with a feeling of awe-inspiring wonder.

Dubrovnik, Croatia
Off the shore of the Adriatic Sea and famed for its distinguishing Old town, Dubrovnik is home to many historically rich buildings such as the Renaissance Sponza Palace and baroque St. Blaise Church.
Enveloped by large stone walls completed in the 16th century, this city is home to beautifully marbled streets and culturally significant architecture. Venturing right outside this city will lead you to stunning beaches and islands.
Picture your best mates and you taking a cable car up the mountains and blissfully admiring the crystal clear blue waters and breathtaking scenery.


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