My Diet And Nutrient Intake Essay example

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Today in our society we are constantly asked to take a good look at our diets for the benefit of our health. We know that food is sustenance for our bodies, however several of us consume food for the flavor, because we’re hungry, or we may even be bored. It is important that we see food as fuel. We should realize that what we put in our bodies can help determine our eating patterns, and also shape the way we live. In this paper I will be analyzing my eating patterns, which will allow me to compare my daily diet and nutrient intake to recommended outlines.
For a second time this semester I was tasked with the assignment to record my daily food intake for a week’s length. I initially took this assignment lightly, however this second time around I wasn’t as shy with the food I ate. I didn’t notice much change in my diet between the two assignments, but I was anticipating a lot of the information I received in my reports. First off, I knew my eating schedule would be inconsistent, because my eating pattern was solely based off of how eventful my day was. I probably ate breakfast about twice throughout the week, and lunch was depended on breakfast. I did notice this time that dinner was always in my routine, as I would become hungry towards the end of the day.
Typically my breakfast consisted of plain oatmeal and eggs, these breakfast items took care of my grains and protein intake. My lunch was normally a wheat bread sandwich with turkey or ham and cheese; which counts towards…

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